Petr Cech Legacy by Studio 54

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Welcome to the Petr Cech

Petr Cech is described by numerous players, pundits and managers as one of the greatest goalkeepers in history, he is arguably alongside Peter Schmeichel, the greatest goalkeeper in Premier League history.

Is a former Czech professional footballer who curently works as technical and performance guidance for Premier League club Chelsea. He also plays semi-professional ice hockey as a goaltender for Guildford Phoenix.

Petr has teamed up with Studio 54, to create his Legacy series NFT collection to commemorate his career with limited NFT’s edition. Each NFT is a unique piece of memorabilia digitally hand-signed and numbered by Cech.

Join for great benefits Not just an NFT

  • Cards holders get to participate in raffles for different tickets in sports events and get a guaranteed spot for the Element Collection drop.
  • The Element Collection Utility
    The 1000 piece collection includes 10 Unique and Random Signature Animation NFTs and 990 Unique 1 of 1 images based on the 10 different archetypes (99 variants for each archetype).
  • 10 Unique Signature Animation Elements NFTs include the following utility:
    - Discussion with Petr Cech (via Zoom).
    - A physical autographed shirt of the athlete.
    - Whitelist for the unique 1/1 Petr Cech Mutant.
  • The 990 Unique 1 of 1 Elements include the following utility:
    - 33 Random buyers receive one physical autographed shirt.
    - 5 Buyers will be randomly selected to join an intimate discussion with the Athlete (via Zoom).
    - 1 Buyer will be selected to have a once in a lifetime one-on-one zoom with the conversation being recorded and posted on the athlete social media.
    - 100 buyers will be randomly selected to get a personalized NFT with a message from the athlete airdropped to their wallet.


First Phase

  • 500 limited and exclusive Pre-Sale Cech NFT’s.
  • Auction of the exclusive 1 edition Petr unique Mutant for 7 days.
  • Petr unique Mutant Elements 1.000 randomly generated of various rarity.

Second Phase

  • 10 Cech best moments with 2.000 Art pieces.
  • Minting 5,000 Petr randomly generated of various rarity.
  • The Immortal world is released and the Mutant owners get % of the sales of the game.

50 Ξ volume

We will donate 10 ETH to a Charity chosen by the community!

75 Ξ volume

10 lucky Cech Best Moment Art holders will be airdropped 1 ETH to their wallet.

100 Ξ volume

Set up a public wall and 5% of all transactions will be deposited and distributed between the holders.

125 Ξ volume

We will donate 20 ETH to a Charity chosen by the community!

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